On the BBC!

I’m a bit surprised to find that you can hear me singing a verse and chorus of Keep the Home Fires Burningthe first song in Let us Remember Them Tonight on BBC Radio 4.

It’s a documentary by the singer Bella Hardy, Bella Goes Home, about her home village of Edale and she has included a number of local singers. Now I know what that guy with the tape recorder was doing at The Cheshire Cheese folk session in Hope back in May. Anyway Bella makes a very nice comment about the way I’ve reworked the song and you can even hear me making a weak joke about Bob Dylan before the song, and afterwards talking about how I rewrote the verses.


Inside the Cheshire Cheese, that big table at the front is where we all sit round to sing and play every 3rd Thursday

There’s a neat piece of traditional whistle playing by Linda West before that and a good interview with singer Mike Richards, who does an excellent job of organising those sessions, talking about the living tradition of making informal live music in pubs and other social venues, something that musicians from other countries envy greatly.

You can hear my part of the recording if you follow this link and fast forward to 8 minutes

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