A Documentary in Song

Compiled and Performed by Chris Rust

The past century has seen more wars, affecting more people, than ever before.  These wars have been on an unprecedented industrial scale. Whole populations have been submitted to the discipline of supplying the vast machinery of modern war and the violence and destruction of war has been imposed on whole populations in turn. In 1914 it was soldiers who were most likely to die in war, in 2014 it is civilians.

This sequence of songs and images from the past century is focused on the experience of the ordinary people who were subjected to war. Each song is a snapshot of a different conflict but each also encapsulates a different issue common to all these conflicts. The young men who marched off to fight far from home in 1914, their successors volunteering to fight in Syria in 2014  and the people of many nations who have lost families, friends, homes and livelihoods are all part of this story.

2 thoughts on “A Documentary in Song

  1. Should Chris perform this again keep the date free and get yourself along to see it. Powerful, thought provoking and moving.

  2. A timely and inclusive meditation on the devastating impact and ultimate futility of war delivered with great humour and humanity. A genuinely moving and entertaining evening. The songs are imaginatively chosen and ingeniously adapted, and the photographs enhance the power of the message. See it if you can!

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