First Time Out

Thanks to everybody who came along to Strip the Willow on 25 June.

I was pleased that I didn’t make any obvious mistakes in juggling the slideshow and songs and we had a very good discussion afterwards with help from Brendan Murphy. Among other things Brendan was able to clarify for one of the audience exactly what her grandfather’s role had been as a 17 year old ‘Runner’ in the first World War, a very dangerous one it seems. We also had a first hand account of seeing neighbours from Sheffield going off to fight as volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.

To mitigate the sad and serious nature of the first half of the evening we had a bit of a knees up to finish off, with contributions from Tom Lehrer, Lonnie Donegan and the Inkspots.

This was by way of being a tryout. A ‘preview’ as they say in West End Theatres. So the Grand World Premiere will be on 6th August again at Strip the Willow

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