Changed our Charity to War Child


It has always been my aim to use this project to raise money for a suitable charity

Until now I planned to raise money for the International Red Cross at performances. At the recent gig at Strip the Willow we did this.

However there are some difficulties in donating to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It is not possible to set up a Just Giving Page for ICRC, Just Giving solves a lot of organisational problems and ensures there is a public record of donations. Also our donations to ICRC don’t get UK tax relief which means that they are not worth so much to the charity.

So I’ve switched to the charity War Child, which has a particular focus on giving direct support to victims of war, and is working in the most challenging war zones around the world. It is a small British charity, set up during the conflict in Bosnia, to help children whose lives have been shattered by war, and give them back a normal childhood. At present they are working in Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Central African Republic, and Uganda and are quick to respond to new crises, for example with their current Gaza appeal.

You can make a donation to War Child via the ‘Remember Them Tonight’ Just Giving page. Giving this way will add to the total donations made by this project.

And of course ICRC is a very worthwhile and relevant charity and you can donate to them directly here